Learn how to recognize attacks in your WiFi network
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Investigation of information security, WiFi HoneyPots, Bluetooth, Wimax, RFID

At Sakontek, we do extensive technology surveillance work, which is primarily focused on information security. In large part, our time is dedicated to new product innovation and development.

For that reason, we make it a priority to use feedback provided by our customers in conjunction with our technicians highly specialized technical knowledge. We currently analyze the following areas:



  • 802.11 a/b/g/n vulnerabilities analysis

  • Wimax security

  • RFID security

  • Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL vulnerabilities analysis

  • Honeynetsmysql

  • Polymorphic shellcode detection

  • Real time locating via Wi-Fi in collaboration with the Onendis Systems specialists, using G2 technology

    Onendis RTLS


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