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Dupin Wi-Fi Forensic Analysis

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Analyzing different layers of protocol gives the investigator the capacity to identify suspicious packets that could indicate an attack in progress or one that is initiating, which would likely never be perceived in the higher layers of other protocol.

Due to the complexity of 802.11 protocol and the diversity of ways in which it can be implemented, an analysis of layer two of this protocol is important when performing an exhaustive forensic analysis. Dupin Wi-Fi forensic offers the following services:

01. Detects known vulnerability patterns

02. 801.11 network events analysis

03. Detects anomalies in protocol

04. Detects 802.11i/WEP cryptographic attacks

Technical characteristics

  • Analyzes AP and Client frame spoofing
  • Analzyes DoS attacks
  • Deauthentication, Authentication, Power Save, 802.11i poisoning
  • Analyzes WEP reinjection attacks
  • Analyzes WPA attacks on assets
  • Analyzes failed connection attempts
  • Tracks suspicious users, schedules and activities
dupin wifi forense


  • Operating system: MS-Windows, 2000, XP, Vista, GNU/Linux, BSD*
  • Recommended minimum: P4 with 2GHz or equivalent and at least 512 MB RAM memory

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