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About us

The company

The idea of the SakonTek company was developed in the Saiolan, Business and Innovation Center in Mondragón (Gipuzkoa). We are a team of Engineering alumni from the Politécnica superior de Mondragón, and we are passionate about investigation, continually learning and problem solving. We enjoy the satisfaction of an elegant, efficient or original solution. Unfortunately, in today's business world, this type of work is a luxury. This is one of SakonTek's founding principles. As a company, we seek to fulfill our expectations and objectives, thus permitting us to fully develop our potential to serve our customers.

We are a youthful, vibrant company, and our experts are up-to-date on current and emerging technology. As experts in specific technologies, our focal point and our greatest asset is our people and their knowledge. We are open to innovation and to creating new products as well as to offering information security consulting and training services.

Objectives and philosophy

SakonTek's personnel seek to experience high levels of personal satisfaction by executing high quality, stimulating projects, and we see the company as a tool through which we can find satisfaction and personal development with the end goal of experiencing personal happiness.

We seek to be experts in the technology we use and to stay abreast new technologies. Additionally, we aim to acquire a broad scope of knowledge in the technologies we use in order to develop high quality products that assure customer and personal satisfaction alike.

Customer satisfaction: We understand that customer satisfaction and our own personal satisfaction are intimately linked. We seek to achieve both through the quality of the products we provide and in the services we offer.

Closeness with the customer: We feel it is important to be available for our customers. We will always offer a service center, a phone line or a web portal where our customers can get information, ask questions and post their complaints.

Without a doubt, we want and need to do things rights.

Our values

Honesty and responsibility: We present things clearly without masking difficulties or exaggerating the advantages. We are honest and responsible with our customers and with ourselves. There is no better letter of presentation than to be known as honest and responsible!

Respect and trust: This is a mutual relationship with the customer, and we believe there is no better relationship than one based on mutual trust and respect!

Collaboration and implementation: We seek to develop a close relationship in which we work intimately with our customers in a collaborative team effort to implement each project that we work on. There is not better method than to work in close collaboration in order to achieve results that are satisfactory for both parties during project implementation!


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About us