Do you know who is in your Wi-Fi network now?
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Personalized courses

Workshops and seminars

talleresWorkshops are hosted with the objective of configuring a practical laboratory for every attendee, so that each one can learn through hands-on and practical solutions that are relevant to a specific technology (Duration: 6h). You can also contact us, and we offer seminars on general security, Wi-Fi security and free software (Duration: approx 3h).



Personalized courses

cursosContact us, and we can host a specialized course for you company. We will make sure the course is personalized to suit your company, and it will be taught by competent experts in the field, who are capable of transferring the concepts of complex materials, rather than simply disseminating information. This assures you will receive the value added necessary so that your staff receive proper training rather than simply acquiring information.

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