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Intrusion test

intrusionIntrusion tests are different from audits in that they attempt to detect up to what point an attacker can access the company's information systems. This can be considered a black box audit.

As an audit analyzes all possible paths, this type of test is not as exhaustive as an audit. In an intrusion test, an attempt is made to access the information system and this is scaled to test maximum limits. Intrusion tests are used to put the level of security acquired by the company's information systems to the test, and therefore they can be used as a way to improve the protection and reliability of the same as well as to prevent external attacks.

Evaluate the company' systems

The intrusion test provides a complete system evaluation, and it offers a way for users to acquire more information on the security status of the different elements in the information system.

Improve your company's information security

Intrusion tests can be used to detect vulnerabilities in your information systems, and the results obtained can be used to demonstrate the consequences of an unauthorized access to your information systems. Then, said information can be used to implement a solution that eliminates the security problems detected during the test.

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