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Wireless Audit

auditoria wifi

Sakontek specializes in analyzing and auditing Wi-Fi systems, and through this service it has the capacity to gauge the real scope and the configuration failures of your wireless network as well as the different vulnerabilities on the systems comprising your network.

Sakontek employees the best Wi-Fi network ethical hacking specialists, who consult your company to provide solutions to network failure solutions. Although guaranteeing the complete security of your network is not possible, this audit will assure that your network is tested to assure it can withstand the test of many different attacks executed by specialists in information security.

Through this service, your company can expect to:

  • optimize your wireless network performance
  • learn the true coverage of the network to know where it is accessible and how an attacker could take advantage of excessive coverage
  • learn the technical vulnerabilities of the systems comprising your wireless network
  • improve security policies without seriously complicating access for your network users
  • acquire a certain degree of confidence in the security of your network and the possibility of information theft over the same

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