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Software for embedded devices


At Sakontek we have ample experience in developing custom adaptations for embedded devices. Above all, we specialize in developing GNU/Linux operating system modifications and creating custom distributions.



The most important aspects on which we work include the following:

01Developing custom applications for embedded IT and network security devices

02GNU/Linux consulting on embedded systems

03Development of specialized distributions for embedded devices operating on GNU/Linux platforms


No man is so small or poor as to justify ignoring the person. - Henry Miller . 

Embedded devices are gaining impressive significance in the world of IT security, as much for their excellent functionality as for their increased presence in homes and in the business world. These electronic components are not new gadgets. In everything from Coke machines to traffic lights, you can find some degree of internal software, which permits the functionality required of these machines, and said software can be more easily re-programmed than hardware.

In recent years, the processing and storage capacity in these devices has experienced considerable growth, permitting them to execute more complex software. This growth has been such that today's mobile phones can have operating systems installed that permit executing all types of applications.

An embedded system consists of a programmable electronic system that is specially designed to provide specific solutions. Some examples of how this technology is applied include:

  • Fixed and mobile telephony; a mobile telephone terminal for example
  • Components used to automate production processes
  • Industrial equipment and instrumentation Iphone de Apple
  • All kinds of home appliances such as microwaves, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.
  • Broad application in the toy and recreation industries
  • Peripheral systems for PCs
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